Collection: Asics

The legendary Japanese brand was born the Onitsuka Co Ltd company and its initials are an acronym for the Latin “anima sana in corpore sano” meaning sound in body and mind. They have been producing footwear of all types and clothing featuring the crossed stripes since 1949. They were worn by the martial artist Bruce Lee in his movies which helped popularise the Mexico 66 design. Also endorsed by the incredible tennis talent of Novac Djokovich the brand is considered super trendy and here at Fast Track Footwear we have the legendary Onitsuka Tiger varieties offering a unique, stylish and retro look, combined with a touch of exclusivity. Our personal favourite is the Asics Onitsuka Tiger X-Caliber (AP) Unisex Trainers in white, yellow, blue and black with its grooved and cushion enhanced mid-sole.